postheadericon What are the disadvantages of Air Conditioning?

The world is facing a constant rise in the temperature every year. This is due to several reasons which are interconnected. The temperature rise is due to the formation of holes in the ozone layer. This hole is mainly due to lack of rainfall, deforestation, emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere etc. Though people are aware of this fact, they still pollute the environment they live knowingly or unknowingly. The unknowing fact by which the earth is polluted is using air conditioners. Air conditioners are cooling or heating systems that cool or heat the room. They are used in both domestic and commercial environments. Every home has many heat producing devices like computer servers, amplifiers etc. The heat produced by these devices make the room hot thus making it difficult to survive. They are commonly used to achieve a more comfortable interior environment and even to display and store artwork. These air conditioners emit carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. This is the main green-house gas that affects the ozone layer causing holes. Refrigerators and air conditioners have fans fixed in their system which emits this carbon monoxide gas. Many people are not aware of this fact, and even if they are aware of it, today after so many technology inventions, they cannot live without air conditioners.


People who work in buildings with centralized air conditioning often suffer from headaches due to the very low temperature. They also become prone to fatigue, cold, fever or the flu easily. They tend to suck out the moisture in the air thus leading to dry and flaky skin. It is good to drink plenty of water and keep the skin moisturized. It aggravates the illness. They make pain harder to manage. Air conditioners make adaptation difficult. People who spend lot of time in air-conditioned rooms often find it difficult to adapt to hot temperatures as there can be times when they must step out into the heat. Their body gets used to it. Air conditioners when not cleaned often, tend to have dust and impurities which starts to circulate in air. This can bring in many air borne diseases and can spread to several people easily.


People should try to live without air conditioners or at least reduce the usage. They should find out more about aircon repair from websites to get a good knowledge about them. They should also hire the right personnel who are licensed and experienced enough to service the system. People can browse websites like Eurohub and Lefong to find out more about aircon service. Other services like waterproofing and plumping can be done easily when people find out more about waterproofing Singapore.

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