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There are circumstances when you need to sale your property. There are numerous way to market the property in market. Simplest method is to put up a “For sales” board in front of the property you want to sell. In this way you can avoid using the real estate agencies that are in the business but you need to pay them percentage of sales value as commission for selling the property. Another method is posting property for sale advertisements in the local newspapers which will reach lot of people. With the advent of technology you can also go for online posting for property for sale advertisements in various websites online and you can expect the reply in mails or in queries in the respective websites. All these methods involve complete involvement of seller. They need to allocate the time to attend the enquiry calls and need to allocate the time to show the property to prospective buyer.

In case if you go through the real estate agencies, they will take up the entire work load with them and you will be free of these jobs. They will identify the prospective buyer and will bring them to your property which you want to sell. They will do negotiations and in case if the sale is confirmed they will assist you in doing the documentary works for the property for sale. In this you can be relieved of some of the work which may look simple but these are time consuming and you may not be able to take care of your routine business. But in case if you decided you will handle entire burden, you have to decide how to advertise and what are all the information you need to provide about the house in the advertisements and some photos of the property. Also you have to ensure you are pricing the property according to the real estate values in your area of the town. If you fix it too high there will not be much people who will be interested in buying. In same way you can’t understand price also as it might lead to the loss for you.

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