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Earlier, life in this world was more green and clean, but today we live in a world which sells clean water in bottles. With the pollution being at its peak in almost all the places, people find it difficult to get fresh sir. People know that mining of coal and animal skin leads to emission of toxic gases in to the atmosphere, similarly usage of refrigerants and vehicles leads to emission of dangerous carbon monoxide. Despite this knowledge, they still use it for their own purpose. It is high time that people take a public transport instead of driving their own vehicle to cut on the emission of carbon monoxide or reuse processed leather and skin to reduce gas emission into the atmosphere. If this is the case, in future, children might have to carry oxygen cylinders instead of school bags. The so-called greenhouse gases have led to the formation of holes in the ozone layer. This in turn will lead to direct UV rays entering the earth from the sun. This direct ray is very harmful for skin and can cause skin cancer and other skin and eye problems. People need to be aware of this fact as it can kill other living organisms also including plants and animals and it is not the human that are only affected. These gas emissions and pollution are created by man. One of the other ways is that knowingly or unknowingly done by men is usage of refrigerants. The air refrigerants are emitted from appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners.

Air conditioners

Many people today, get air conditioners for their homes. This is because they cannot withstand the heat of the sun, which is again caused by man- made things. They are ready to travel miles every day in the sun and do not feel the stress once they enter their air-conditioned cubicle. Many people spend their weekends in malls and theaters due to this air conditioning facility. It has become a part of the life today that people cannot live without it. They know how difficult it is, when the device gets repaired. One can hire a well-versed electrician in Singapore to fix things as soon as possible. There are websites that one can visit to get quotes on electrical service. They have the best and licensed electrical personnel who are well-versed on electrical services. Sg handyman, emelectricalengrg, spower are websites serving all the electricity related problems by well versed electrician Singapore based.

Natural ways to keep earth cool

There are other ways in which one can change this earth’s condition. Planting trees all over can help them change this climate. Trees help in making the place cool and remove the heat.